Why Read Books About Feelings To Your Child?

Young are navigating new social and emotional situations everyday.  From hip skills to problem solving to self-control, there are many things to learn in order to be successful in later .  It can be challenging to figure out it all out and need to be encouraged and supported as they are learning.  Remember that can feel really BIG to a young child.  So how can you your child through all of this emotional growth?

  • Talk about , label them, and give them names.  Talk about situations that you have encountered together when someone was feeling a BIG feeling. I noticed that Sam was really feeling when his Mommy dropped him off at preschool today.  Did you notice that too?  or  I could tell that you were feeling frustrated when Emily took your toy at playgroup. Let’s make a plan for next time you feel frustrated.  
  • Read about .  We have many book recommendations on fledglingkids.com.  Each book is chosen because it addresses a feeling, provides a strategy, or s solve a problem.  Be proactive with . They should not be read simply to address a that happened.  Read them often and use them to start conversations with your child about how he or she is feeling.

Yes, this is touchy-feely, but it is important.  By reading about to your child, you can demystify social situations, increase empathy, and your child to better understand common life experiences.  Your child will feel more comfortable with social interactions, and preschool.  Furthermore, your child will know what to do when he or she has a BIG feeling such as being really angry, or .

Time spent reading is quality time spent connecting with you child.  Mix in a conversation about and you have doubled the value of that time.

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