Why Parents Should Care About Gender Stereotyping

Gender sterotyping is a hot topic these days.  Simply put, it is a society’s overgeneralization of the characteristics and differences based on a person’s gender.

Women are better at housework, cooking and taking care of .

Men are stronger and better at yard work and repairing things.

Men are career oriented and make more money than women.

Women are emotional.  Men don’t cry. 

How do we perpetuate these stereotypes with young ?  It’s easy actually.

Girls like pink and princess.  Girls play with dolls.

Boys like trucks and sports.  Boys like to build things.

The problem is that many boys LOVE to dress up in princess dresses and many girls LOVE to play with Legos and blocks.  Boys enjoy in the kitchen and playing with .  Girls like sports and playing .  Girls LOVE to get dirty.

They are all .   like to play and play should never be discouraged on the basis of a gender stereotype.  Buy your boy a play kitchen and get him a toy broom set.  Buy your girl the Justice League Lego set she wants.  He will be caring.  She will be strong.

So the next time your partner “has a fit” because his boy is wearing a princess dress or your mom balks at your daughter’s choice of Spiderman sheets, tell them your child is more than what society dictates as a gender standard.  Your child is awesome.

Let Them Fly!


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