Wheels Up! Help Your Toddler Fly


Flying is a fast and easy way to get from here to there but, lets face it, flying is not always fun.  This is especially true if you are a or if you have a s can be belligerent anyway and when you put them in a confined space where they aren’t supposed to move around or be loud, all hell can break loose.  This doesn’t have to be the case, however, and a little preparation can go a long way.  Here are some ideas to try:

*Prepare your ahead of time.  Show pictures of the inside of an airplane, an airplane seat and talk about seatbelts ( you can google the images).  If you are bringing a carseat, let your know that too.  More information is better than less and your will feel more comfortable if he knows what will happen.

* Practice loud and soft voices.  What is loud?  What is soft?  In an airplane, it is best to have a soft voice.

* Bring snacks and drinks.  Nothing is worse than a hungry/thirsty confined in an airplane or having to pay $15.00 for the preservative laden snack boxes the airline sells (although, for the love of God, buy one if you run out of food – nutrition and sugar content be damned.)

* Bring lovies and comfort items.  Airplanes can be loud and a bit for some.

* Bring books, toys, and perhaps a movie or show downloaded to your phone or tablet.  Practice using earphones if your hasn’t done that yet.  Also, FYI – screen time limits don’t count while you’re in the air – do what it takes and don’t feel a bit bad.

* Watch for signs of ear pain/pressure.  Make sure your has a pacifier or water cup to relieve pressure if needed (nursing works too, if that is an option).

* Stay positive.  Flying can bring out the worst in people.  Make sure your feels your good positive energy.

*Stay focused on your .  Let’s face it, you are probably not going to read that magazine that you bought in the airport.

*Try to keep your in check.  Rest assured that your fellow passengers do not think it is cute when your is running up and down the aisle or singing loudly.  This might be cute on the ground, but all bets are off in the air.

Be prepared for all situations!  Prep your thoroughly prior to flight and hope for the best.  You can do this and so can your child!

Let Them Fly (literally)!



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