For Tricky Transitions, Try A Timer App


    For Tricky Transitions, Try A Timer App

    Do you have trouble getting out the door in the morning?  Are bedtimes hard?  Does your child have a hard time transitioning from activity to activity?  A timer can help!  Of course, you can always use an old fashioned kitchen timer, but timer apps for your phone might be the easier choice.  You usually have your phone with you and your timer can go everywhere you go.

    Examples of good times to use a timer:

    You are visiting a friend’s house for a playdate and your child does not want to leave.

    You are in Target and your child wants to “look at the Legos” for an eternity.

    Your child wants unlimited iPad time.

    You tell your child that he needs to brush his and you come back 15 minutes later and he hasn’t done it.

    You tell your child that you are leaving the house in 5 minutes to go to preschool but she isn’t feeling it.

    Your child does not want to sit at the table for a meal.


    Timers really are simple to these types of issues.  If used consistently, they make lots of sense to .  They provide structure and the parent is in control of the time – but the timer is doing the work.  When the timer beeps, the child knows it is time to make the transition to another activity.

    Itunes has several timer apps for your phone.

    The most simple one is the Time Timer.  It costs $2.99 and is also available as a watch, a traditional timer, or a phone/desktop app.


    The nice thing about the Time Timer is it’s visual component.  Your child will be able to tell how much time is left depending on how much red is left on the timer.


    Another simple timer that is available for idevices and Androids is the Children’s Countdown timer.  It is free but has a .99 in-app purchase to remove ads.  It is similar to the Time Timer but reveals a picture as the timer screen goes away.


    For a more zen approach, you could try the Best Sand Timer which is free and available for iPads and iPhones.  This timer features a traditional sand timer with sand falling as the time runs out.


    Last but not least, there is the Fun Time Timer, which not only features a visual timer, but also a snail who moves across the screen as the timer progresses.  This free app is available for all iPhone and iPad devices.


    Here’s to happier transitions!

    Let Them Fly!


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