Time to Be.

Do your have time to “just be”?  In our world of hustle and bustle, this can be the best gift that you can give them.  Time to imagine, , and is good for all aspects of a child’s and mental health.  Here are some suggestions:

* No screens.  No TV in the background.  No tablets or phones.

* Provide some open ended things – toys, blocks, or even real life items, such as boxes, bowls, pots and pans.

* Limit adult facilitation.   do not need you to their .   DO need you to see and celebrate what they are doing – be it ing with cars, ing with a doll, or creating with boxes.

It is good for all of us to have time to “just be”.  Adults need it as much as kids!  Teach your early to take time for themselves to dream and .  It is a wonderful life-long skill.


Let Them Fly!



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