The Ultimate Break-Time Timer


Using four things, you can easily make a timer for your ’s break-time (calm down time, thinking time, time-out, whatever you like to call it).  Here are the steps:

1. Get a clear bottle.  I used the small Voss water bottles because they are plastic and I like the way they look.  Some folks like to use Orangina bottles, although they are glass and can break.  Any clear water bottle will do.

2.  After I drank the Voss water (infused with gold, apparently, since I paid $8.00 for six of them) and removed the labels, I heated some tap water in a measuring cup, almost to boiling.

3. After the water is heated, pour in an entire bottle of glitter glue (I used Elmer’s).  Stir until glue is melted.

4.  Pour glitter glue/water mixture into bottle, almost to the top.

5.  Add sparkles and sequins.  I found some really cool gold stars and pink hearts.

6.  Hot glue top on bottle, because what wouldn’t want to open it?  In fact, if you do not glue on the top, be prepared for your to open the bottle and pour it out in about 30 seconds.

7.   Shake up the bottle and watch the magic happen!  Glitter will settle in 1-2 minutes.  Perfect for timing a break or time-out.  Allow to hold bottle, watch glitter, and calm down.



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