Teach Your Child This Simple Concept to Reduce Anxiety and Drama


    Teach Your Child This Simple Concept to Reduce Anxiety and Drama


    Katie loved the animal rug at preschool.  Katie especially loved the picture of the rooster.  Every morning, Katie would race to the rug to stand on the rooster, until the morning that Evan got there first.  (Cue dramatic music).  This was NOT OK with Katie and she fell to the floor in anguish, screaming and crying.  Ms. Jane, Katie’s teacher, decided it was a good time to her about big deals and little deals.

    What is a Big Deal?

    Getting hurt, like really hurt, not, “I want a band-aid fashion statement” hurt.

    Feeling , like “ you turn the corner to see the animatronic Halloween display at Sam’s Club” . Really .

    Being the victim of someone who is hitting or biting ( never ok).

    Feeling .

    Embarrassing bathroom problems.

    What is a Little Deal?

    Someone else is wearing the same Frozen costume as you.

    You don’t like your snack.

    You can’t stand in the exact spot on the animal rug that you always do.

    Your tower falls.

    Your friend accidentally steps on your Lego structure or accidentally knocks over your birthday cake.


    Teaching children the difference between Big Deals and Little Deals will them solve a lifetime of problems.  It will decrease dramatic and increase tolerance for bumps in the road.  It takes practice, but it well worth the time.

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