Products to Help Picky Eaters

Remember when your toddler was a baby and you fed him spinach, avocado and tofu?  He loved them, right?  And you congratulated yourself for having such a “good eater”.  Fast forward a year or two and things have probably changed.  Your once good eater now has many opinions.  Things can’t touch on his plate.  PlainRead more

For Tricky Transitions, Try A Timer App

Do you have trouble getting out the door in the morning?  Are bedtimes hard?  Does your child have a hard time transitioning from activity to activity?  A timer can help!  Of course, you can always use an old fashioned kitchen timer, but timer apps for your phone might be the easier choice.  You usually haveRead more

Etsy Products We Love.

One of our favorite places to look for social emotional products is Etsy.  Because so many mamas, dads and teachers have Etsy shops on the side, it is a fantastic way to see what ideas are working for others.  Check out what we found:   Blue Umbrella Designs is selling this awesome feelings chart.  ThisRead more

The Sky Is Falling; On Being an Anxious Child And How You Can Help Yours

  ONE day Henny-penny was picking up corn in the cornyard  when–whack!–something hit her upon the head. ‘Goodness gracious me!’ said Henny-penny; ‘the sky’s a-going to fall; I must go and tell the king.’ The story of Henny Penny, AKA Chicken Little is an age old children’s classic.  Written in 1850, it describes a henRead more

Bedtime Struggles

My teenager loves to sleep. So much so that he will avoid sleepovers, lock-ins, even camp-outs if he thinks it will disturb his sleep. His bed is like a big cloud – special pillows, a featherbed, heavy blankets. Simply put, bedtime is his favorite time. But this wasn’t always the case…Read more