Does Your Child Have Trouble Letting Things Go?

Can your child bounce back after something disappointing or upsetting happens?  Is he able to solve problems rationally?  Does he know the difference between a “big deal” and a “little deal”?  Lots of kids struggle with letting things go after a set-back.  Everything seems like a big deal, which can be overwhelming. Kids are stillRead more

Fledgling Approved Toy! Learning Resources Super Sorting Pie

  I have to admit to loving pretty much anything Learning Resources makes.  The quality and durability of their learning toys and games is fantastic.  The Super Sorting Pie is no exception.  I presented it to a class of  awesome 3 year old boys and it was hit.  Here is the rundown: Pros of theRead more

Moving To A New House

Moving is always stressful – whether across the country or just across town.  If it is stressful for adults, you can bet its stressful for children.  Change is hard and moving to a new home and/or town is a big change!  Here are some ideas to make moving a little easier for your child, fromRead more