Concerned About Your Child’s Development? Don’t Wait

Most parents have a few moments of worry about their child’s developmental progression.  Is he talking enough?  Why isn’t he walking?  Why does she play alone at playdates?  Usually, it is totally normal.  Children learn and grow at different speeds and most everyone is on the same track by kindergarten.  Having been on both sidesRead more

Holiday Gifts That Will Help Your Child Calm Down

  Most young children could be described as “active” but if your child is “REALLY active“, how do you help him calm down?  Parents often struggle to find toys and activities to that don’t rev kids up even more, especially at certain times of the day.  Everyone needs to relax, right? Check out these toysRead more

For Tricky Transitions, Try A Timer App

Do you have trouble getting out the door in the morning?  Are bedtimes hard?  Does your child have a hard time transitioning from activity to activity?  A timer can help!  Of course, you can always use an old fashioned kitchen timer, but timer apps for your phone might be the easier choice.  You usually haveRead more

Does Your Child Have Trouble Letting Things Go?

Can your child bounce back after something disappointing or upsetting happens?  Is he able to solve problems rationally?  Does he know the difference between a “big deal” and a “little deal”?  Lots of kids struggle with letting things go after a set-back.  Everything seems like a big deal, which can be overwhelming. Kids are stillRead more

Why Watching the Sad Part of the Movie is OK

Disney movies are a hallmark of childhood.  I loved them and my boys did too.  But I always wondered why Disney chooses to kill off parents in seemingly every single movie. Bambi (mother shot), The Fox and the Hound (mother shot), Jungle Book (mother killed by tiger), Tarzan (mother killed by leopard), The Hunchback ofRead more

When It Comes to Potty Training, Your Child Wants The Facts.

Potty training can come with its fair share of challenges.  If you are among the 1% of parents whose child potty trained effortlessly, good for you.  For the rest of us, potty training entails a hodgepodge of  treats, bribes, triumphs, and frustrations.  For many children, the “value add” just isn’t there.  Why would they useRead more

Toy Review – I Never Forget A Face Memory Game by Eeboo

Multicultural toys and games are hard to find, so we were excited to check out the I Never Forget a Face Memory Game by Eeboo.  Eeboo is known for it’s beautifully illustrated games and this memory match game is no exception.  Each game comes with 24 pairs of different children’s faces for matching.  Each faceRead more

Social Emotional Videos (Military Edition)

Having a parent in the military can be tough – it is a sacrifice for kids too.  Here are some great videos that we found to support your toddler or preschooler through common military issues such as deployment and less common ones such as combat injuries.  Please watch first as some videos might not beRead more

The Best Enrichment is Nature.

My daughter is only three, but already there are a bewildering number of programs available to “enrich” her childhood.  There are preschool classes in yoga, music, art, martial arts, and science (to name a few).  They are all wonderful and needed, no doubt.  But, I have decided that all these choices can detract from theRead more

Fun Social Emotional Videos (Volume One)

If you are like most parents, you have a certain “reliance” on YouTube.  Perhaps its when you are waiting on a prescription at the drugstore and your child is restlessly taking magazines off of the shelf.  Perhaps its when you are trying to get dinner on the table.  Perhaps its waiting on a flight atRead more