Does Your Child Have Trouble Letting Things Go?

Can your child bounce back after something disappointing or upsetting happens?  Is he able to solve problems rationally?  Does he know the difference between a “big deal” and a “little deal”?  Lots of kids struggle with letting things go after a set-back.  Everything seems like a big deal, which can be overwhelming. Kids are stillRead more

Teach Diversity and Acceptance With This Book

Children in between the ages of 4-8 are learning and growing everyday.  Not only are they beginning to develop academic skill such as reading and math, but they are also figuring out life.  Books are powerful teaching tools.   While many deal with concepts such as letters, numbers and colors, few cover topics such asRead more

Why Babies Love to Look at Faces

True fact: babies are hardwired to look at and recognize faces.  Why? Because it helps them bond with parents and caregivers.Read more

Book Review! I Can Play It Safe by Alison Feigh

Stranger Danger is so hard to explain to young children. A creepy stranger talking to your child is every parent’s worst nightmare (although most strangers are certainly not creepy). It is hard to understand that the kindly old man at the grocery store is a stranger and the weird guy asleep on the park benchRead more