Concerned About Your Child’s Development? Don’t Wait

Most parents have a few moments of worry about their child’s developmental progression.  Is he talking enough?  Why isn’t he walking?  Why does she play alone at playdates?  Usually, it is totally normal.  Children learn and grow at different speeds and most everyone is on the same track by kindergarten.  Having been on both sidesRead more

Teach Diversity and Acceptance With This Book

Children in between the ages of 4-8 are learning and growing everyday.  Not only are they beginning to develop academic skill such as reading and math, but they are also figuring out life.  Books are powerful teaching tools.   While many deal with concepts such as letters, numbers and colors, few cover topics such asRead more

My Toddler Won’t Eat at The Table

Dear Fledglingkids, My 3 year old refuses to eat at the table.  He is picky with food so mealtimes can be battle anyway.  Now he just runs away and refuses to sit with the rest of the family.  It has caused quite a few tantrums and now I dread family mealtimes.  He is perfectly happyRead more

Five Great Articles on Morning Struggles

At Fledglingkids, we love to read articles on social-emotional and mental health in young children.  Here are some insightful articles that we found on morning time struggles.  If getting out the door in the morning is hard for your family, you’re not alone.  Mornings can be tough for all ages!   One of our favorites,Read more

Social Emotional Videos (Military Edition)

Having a parent in the military can be tough – it is a sacrifice for kids too.  Here are some great videos that we found to support your toddler or preschooler through common military issues such as deployment and less common ones such as combat injuries.  Please watch first as some videos might not beRead more

Helping Your Child Through Deployment

In 2015, there were over 150,000 US servicemen and women stationed overseas. While some were able to take families with them, most left behind husbands, wives, and children. With so many children dealing with the deployment of a parent, we thought it was important to recognize deployment as a real factor in the social emotionalRead more

Five Tips for Including Your Older Child In Your Pregnancy

Exciting news!  You’re expecting another baby.  Early on, you may not be ready to tell friends and family but should you tell your older child?  Sure you should!  You are a family and this is an important development.  But be ready for questions, because most “older-siblings-to-be” are full of them.  Here is a sample conversationRead more

Fledgling Approved Toy! Veggie Stacking Game by Hape

This is a really cool stacking game and it can be used in a variety of ways.  First, it is designed to be stacking game, ala Jenga, where you remove pieces form a tall tower one at the time until the tower falls.  For younger children, it can simply be a stacking game.  Both ofRead more

Moving To A New House

Moving is always stressful – whether across the country or just across town.  If it is stressful for adults, you can bet its stressful for children.  Change is hard and moving to a new home and/or town is a big change!  Here are some ideas to make moving a little easier for your child, fromRead more

How to Explain Death to Young Children.

When a loved one dies, it is hard on the entire family.  For a toddler, it can be especially confusing.  Toddlers are amazingly perceptive and will quickly pick up on an adult’s sadness and grief, no matter how much the adult tries to act like everything is ok.  In addition, young children have no conceptRead more