Fine Motor Activities From Dollar Tree

Have you been told that your child has weak fine motor skills?  There are many things you can do to practice them at home.  In fact, look no further than your neighborhood Dollar Tree.  Beloved by teachers everywhere, Dollar Tree is a treasure trove of art supplies, figurines, sorting materials and seasonal decorations.  On aRead more

Concerned About Your Child’s Development? Don’t Wait

Most parents have a few moments of worry about their child’s developmental progression.  Is he talking enough?  Why isn’t he walking?  Why does she play alone at playdates?  Usually, it is totally normal.  Children learn and grow at different speeds and most everyone is on the same track by kindergarten.  Having been on both sidesRead more

Great Holiday Gifts That Target Fine Motor Skills

  Fine Motor Skills.  So easy for some and so hard for others.  Does your child crawl under the table when his preschool teacher asks him to use scissors or a pencil?  Is his pincer grasp getting him down? Never fear!  Each of these toys and games were chosen because they have the wonderful abilityRead more

Five Tips for Including Your Older Child In Your Pregnancy

Exciting news!  You’re expecting another baby.  Early on, you may not be ready to tell friends and family but should you tell your older child?  Sure you should!  You are a family and this is an important development.  But be ready for questions, because most “older-siblings-to-be” are full of them.  Here is a sample conversationRead more

Fledgling Approved Toy! Veggie Stacking Game by Hape

This is a really cool stacking game and it can be used in a variety of ways.  First, it is designed to be stacking game, ala Jenga, where you remove pieces form a tall tower one at the time until the tower falls.  For younger children, it can simply be a stacking game.  Both ofRead more

Ask Fledglingkids!

Got a question about your child’s social emotional development?   Ask away – Its absolutely free!  We will try our best to come up with ideas and solution to help your child grow and learn. Email questions to [email protected]  We will do our best to answer your question quickly!  Read more

Angry, Angry, Angry! Five Ways to Help Your Child Through Anger

“I’m ANGRY, ANGRY, ANGRY”, my two year old niece exclaimed.  “I’m MAD, MAD, MAD!”  She was mad because she wanted to play in the milk she had spilled and her mom wouldn’t let her.  She was voicing her emotions, putting words to what she was feeling.  It is a great thing to teach your childRead more

Why Lying is Not So Bad and Other Truths.

A friend recently complained that her 4 year old was telling frequent lies.  Not about anything too important – mostly about brushing her teeth or if she had taken a toy from her sister.  Still, my friend was concerned.  Was her child a budding pathological lier?  What had she done wrong? Well, nothing.  Lying isRead more

LOL! The Power of Laughter

As a parent, you want your child to be happy. You want your child to be healthy. But how often do you want your child to be funny? Research shows time and time again that laughter is a strong indicator of cheerfulness, social competence and high emotional intelligence. Humor has also been linked to highRead more

Peek A Boo! Play To Help With Separation Anxiety

  When infants are given clear and consistent messages about your departure and return, they will learn to trust in you and see the world around them as predictable.   Your baby can find a hidden toy under a blanket.  Congratulations, that means your baby has developed object permanence!   Infants begin to develop aRead more