Does Your Child Have Trouble Letting Things Go?

Can your child bounce back after something disappointing or upsetting happens?  Is he able to solve problems rationally?  Does he know the difference between a “big deal” and a “little deal”?  Lots of kids struggle with letting things go after a set-back.  Everything seems like a big deal, which can be overwhelming. Kids are stillRead more

Weighted Blankets – What’s Best For My Child?

What should be a simple question is, unfortunately, mostly misunderstood in both the medical and occupational therapy industries. The most common advice given to parents is to get a blanket which weighs 10% of the child’s weight plus one or two pounds and while this isn’t “bad” advice it is a bit too vague toRead more

My Toddler Won’t Eat at The Table

Dear Fledglingkids, My 3 year old refuses to eat at the table.  He is picky with food so mealtimes can be battle anyway.  Now he just runs away and refuses to sit with the rest of the family.  It has caused quite a few tantrums and now I dread family mealtimes.  He is perfectly happyRead more

Help! My Toddler is Obsessed…

Dear Fledglingkids, A few months ago, I noticed my toddler becoming very fixated on the characters from the movie Planes.  Dusty and Skipper are the only thing he wants to play with, Planes is the only book he wants to read, and, of course, Planes is the only movie he will watch.  We are goingRead more

How Does Her Face Look? Teaching Your Child to Read Facial Expressions.

A social skill that we adults often take for granted is the ability to decipher how someone is feeling by reading his or her facial expressions.  We probably do this multiple times a day without giving it a second thought.   Interestingly, it is not a skill that most are born with.  It takes lotsRead more

Manners Basics for Young Children

Good manners mean something different to everyone.  Depending on where you are from and how you were raised, your expectations of your child’s manners may differ from your neighbors.  Some are heavy handed with manners ( “yes, sir” yes, ma’am” every time) and some are less so (“please” and “thank you” are sufficient).  Wherever youRead more

Moving To A New House

Moving is always stressful – whether across the country or just across town.  If it is stressful for adults, you can bet its stressful for children.  Change is hard and moving to a new home and/or town is a big change!  Here are some ideas to make moving a little easier for your child, fromRead more

How to Explain Death to Young Children.

When a loved one dies, it is hard on the entire family.  For a toddler, it can be especially confusing.  Toddlers are amazingly perceptive and will quickly pick up on an adult’s sadness and grief, no matter how much the adult tries to act like everything is ok.  In addition, young children have no conceptRead more

Explaining a Food Allergy to Your Toddler

Food allergies are the new reality in our country.  It is estimated that 1 in 13 children have some sort of food related allergy.  A 2013 study published by the Center for Disease Control suggested that the prevalence of food allergies were greatly increased between 1997 an 2011.  It is a hot topic with parentsRead more

Why Lying is Not So Bad and Other Truths.

A friend recently complained that her 4 year old was telling frequent lies.  Not about anything too important – mostly about brushing her teeth or if she had taken a toy from her sister.  Still, my friend was concerned.  Was her child a budding pathological lier?  What had she done wrong? Well, nothing.  Lying isRead more