Fledgling Approved Toy! Your Body Puzzle by Hape


    Fledgling Approved Toy! Your Body Puzzle by Hape

    Learning about our bodies can be complicated! Enter this amazing little puzzle that shows a human in layers (there is a boy’s version and a girl’s version). Starting at the bottom with the skeleton, then the organs, then muscles, then skin, and finally a fully clothed boy or girl, this puzzle can with all kinds of questions.

    What does your skeleton look like?
    What’s under your skin?
    How does the blood move in your ?
    What does your brain look like?
    Does everyone look the same inside?
    Where does your food go?

    The list goes on and on, but one thing is certain – are curious and they want answers!

    Pros of the puzzle:

    *It is interesting and well made (all wood).

    *It is anatomically correct without being weird.

    *It is a great way to introduce anatomy and parts.

    Cons of the puzzle:

    *Although the pieces are self correcting, it can be a little hard to put together (like many layer puzzles).  Younger may need some .

    *Only represents blond, white .

    *If you knock it over, all parts may fall out -which may or may not be frustrating for your .


    The verdict – I do recommend this puzzle. All in all, it’s friendly illustrations and self-correcting pieces make it a fantastic choice for any inquisitive aged 3 and over.  It can be used in a variety of ways – to explain anatomy, to introduce concepts, to explain injuries (broken bones, etc) or to prep for a ’s visit.


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