Products to Help Picky Eaters


    Products to Help Picky Eaters

    Remember when your was a baby and you fed him spinach, avocado and tofu?  He loved them, right?  And you congratulated yourself for having such a “good eater”.  Fast forward a year or two and things have probably changed.  Your once good eater now has many opinions.  Things can’t touch on his plate.  Plain pasta is a favorite.  Vegetables are yucky now.  What happened?  Probably nothing. Being a picky eater is practically a rite of passage for young children.  Most of the time you just have to wait it out while encouraging good eating habits.

    Fortunately, there are some neat products designed to picky eaters.  Here are few we found:

    Mealtimes With Milton   $29.95  

    Developed by a Pediatric Feeding Specialist, Milton is a blue monster whose job is to try bites of your child’s food.   He comes with a storybook and lots of ideas on how to encourage healthy eating (Milton can also be used to encourage teeth brushing). Made of 100% food grade silicone, he is dishwasher safe and very fun to have at your table.


    Dinner Winner Enchanted Forest Dinner Tray   $12.98 

    Dinner Winner trays are like game boards.  Travel through the board by eating a bit of food from each compartment.  This tray has children entering an enchanted forest and traveling to the end to get a royal treat.


    Dinner Winner Supper Hero Tray  $12.98

    Similar to the Enchanted Forest Tray, this tray has a super hero theme!  Eat your food to save the day!


    Food Cubby Food Separators     $24.74 for four

    These food-safe silicone separators suction onto the plate and keep food from touching.  Can also be used for runny foods or to help when learning to use utensils.

    Zoo Sticks      $20.20 for eight

    These fun chopsticks can be a great distractor from the hard job of eating.  Let your child choose which animal he will eat with.  Sturdy and dishwasher-safe, these are a great addition to mealtime.

    The most important thing to remember is that your child will not starve.  Have patience and provide some fun alternatives to keep mealtimes from turning into a power struggle.

    Please Note: Most picky eaters are completely normal, but sometimes it is indicative of a larger issue.  If you feel like your child has serious problems with textures or if eating is causing major stress, it is time to consult your pediatrician.  A feeding specialist can help figure out how best to help your child.


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