Products For Little Worriers


    Products For Little Worriers

    Do you have a little person in your life who worries?  We found some amazing products that may help!  Check out these neat items, all found on Amazon.  Easy breezy to get and great things to try with your little worrier.


    The Irish Fairy Door Company Interactive Worry Plaque 

    $29.95  This cool wall mounted plaque features a handprint that allows your child to “give his worry” to a fairy.  When pressed, the handprint glows red.  When the fairy has heard the worry, the handprint glows green.  The worries are then ground into wish-granting dust.  Pretty amazing!


    Worry Eaters Doll

    $10.99-16.99  These adorable plush dolls eat your child’s worries!  Just insert a worry into the monster’s mouth and zip it away.  Dolls come in a variety of colors and sizes.  Super cute AND serve a great purpose!



    Magic Heat Reactive Color Changing Lab Putty

    $6.99  This “thermosensitive” putty changes colors in your hands.  Perfect for calming down or thinking though situations.  Think of it as a color changing fidget toy that can distract your child from his or her current anxiety.

    OK For Kids Essential Oils Set by Eden’s Garden

    $52.76  Essential oils are having a moment right now.  But they do smell good and may help with a variety of issues – inattention, , hyperactivity and immunity to name a few.  This set is specially designed for children and includes several oils that may help with anxiety.


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