Help! My Toddler is Obsessed…


    Help! My Toddler is Obsessed…

    Dear Fledglingkids,

    A few months ago, I noticed my becoming very fixated on the characters from the movie Planes.  Dusty and Skipper are the only thing he wants to with, Planes is the only book he wants to read, and, of course, Planes is the only movie he will watch.  We are going crazy!    

    I’ve read that obsessions with topics in early can be a sign of autism.  Should I worry?  Should we limit his exposure to all things Planes?




    Dear Pam,

    You shouldn’t worry, unless your son is dising other symptoms of autism, such as language delay and sensory issues.  If your son is dising these other symptoms, please consult your pediatrician to make sure he is developing normally.

    Your son probably just really likes Planes.  s are in a stage of life where they are beginning to develop definite likes and dislikes.  Planes is obviously a definite like!  Once a develops a like, it becomes comfortable place to be.  s are growing and learning so much and they often enjoy falling back on comfortable activities and toys.  By all means, don’t limit his time with his beloved Planes.  This obsession will be over before you know it.

    One of my sons had a similar obsession with a Winnie the Pooh movie.  My husband and I literally had to have a code name for it because he was so focused on it.  When the movie came on, he would assemble props and act out the entire thing.  He even went as far as to assign us all characters and call us those names for about three months.  I was Kanga.  My husband was Tigger.  My mom was Rabbit and my husband’s mom was Owl.  While it was happening, we tried to be ultra-patient but I have to admit that it got pretty annoying.  And then, like that, it ended.  On to the next thing, which was Lego Knights.

    My son is now a teenager and I would give anything to hear his little self call me Kanga.  You will miss it, I swear.  Relax and enjoy your son’s lighthearted life.  If only we could devote so much time to fun…

    Let Them Fly!



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