Mealtime Mayhem? Five Ideas to Help Your Toddler.


Toddlers are capable of successful and the earlier you start, the better.

We all know that dinners are important for many reasons.  Starting to eat together as a early in your child’s life is a great way to get into the meal routine.  But for many families, can be stressful.  Young may be picky or have trouble sitting for meals and that can make meals more work than fun for If you are experiencing mayhem, here are some things you can do:

*Limit “grazing” opportunities for your child.  don’t need access to snacks all day.  Often, fill up before meals when snacks are offered on an unlimited basis.

*Keep meals in the kitchen or dining room.  When snacks and meals are offered in other parts of the house, there is little incentive to eat at the table.

*Feed your child at the same time that you eat.  loses something when you are at a separate time than your child.

*Feed your child the same meal that you are (or some part thereof).  The best way to create a picky child is to cater to his exclusive tastes.

*Try to make it fun.  Fun plates or a game can sweeten the deal and make s special.

*Train your child to sit through meals early and only allow him to get up when everyone is done.  This is hard work but worth it.  It may be a good idea to have an alternate activity available if your toddler is done before everyone else – a book or some small toys can work.

I once heard of a mom whose toddler refused to sit and eat to the point that she had to have him in front of the tv, strapped into a seat, in order for him to eat anything at all.  As hard as is was to break this cycle, it was important that she put her foot down and retrain him to eat at the table with no tv.  Toddlers are capable of successful and the earlier you start, the better.


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