Making Mealtimes Easier (and More Fun)

You want your to develop healthy habits and have positive attitudes towards food. The following tips not only can with that, but can without spending any cash whatsoever.

  • Make it an adventure! Show your enthusiasm for choosing and healthy foods and beverages. Sitting with your child sharing the same meal can show them what makes a great healthy meal.
  • They’re always watching you, really! You can tell them what to eat; you can even show them what to eat, but if you’re not meals or non-health based foods – they’re quickly follow suit. Make a personal change and it might be an natural external change as well.
  • They’ll take the special of the night, if you serve it. If you’re reading a book together after work or over the weekend; why not tie a meal with the story? I’d leave out the green eggs and ham, but anything else should be on the table.
  • Have a use for those Amazon boxes. So you’ve ordered something online, but you haven’t gotten around to ordering sized furniture. No worries, you can find a box that might be the right size! If not; what about a step ladder? or maybe a couple of couch cushions. The name of the game is making it fun and safe; while allowing them to sit normally like you would in an adult sized chair.
  • Finger foods are fun! If you’re having trouble with certain textures or tempratures; try having some finger foods instead. Also, if they’re fickle one day; you can go to a finger food and then go back to untincils for the next meals. Just keep in fun and for extra bonus points, share that meal with them!
  • Cookie cutters cut more than cookies! Don’t rush out and buy cookie cutters, but if you have some go for it. It’s a quick and easy way to make food fun without having to be too creative. Extra points for making a scene out of the food! Last point on this, if they won’t eat something because it’s an animal shape – dont worry, try another shape!
  • Get down with watering down! Water down everything. Seriously, everything. Fruit juices have a ton of sugar in them; including orange juice. It can take some time for them to be ok with it if you’ve been giving them 100% fruit juice, but take your time and work it down. 20 percent water one day, 30 percent water the next!
  • Always keep them guessing!  thrive on routines, but that can be a bad, as well as a good thing. Keeping the healthy food choices fresh and constant can keep them on their toes and make them more open to new foods in the future.
  • Make them work for you! Kids love to be current with whats going on, so use this to your advantage and let them . They can’t cook food of course – but they can clean it. Try washing food in a way that they can be a part of it. If they’re older, feel free to allow them to set the table and be part of the routine.
  • Your mom might be right! I know, I know – big surprise. But honestly, if you can get them to eat at least a bite of everything on the plate before being excused, you’ll be that much closer to multiple bites next time.




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