Holiday Gifts That Will Help Your Child Calm Down


    Holiday Gifts That Will Help Your Child Calm Down


    Most young could be described as “active” but if your child is REALLY active, how do you him calm down?  Parents often struggle to find toys and activities to that don’t rev up even more, especially at certain times of the day.  Everyone needs to relax, right?

    Check out these toys and products that are proven to .




    Hugglepod Lite   Ages 4 and up    $50.00

    There are lots of hanging pods and hammocks on the market.  Most people hang them but you could also hang one in your child’s bedroom.  The perfect place to hide out and daydream or read a book.



    Cozy Canoe    Ages 3 to 150 lbs.  $100.00

    This super fun inflatable chair provides a calming squeeze and a cozy space to relax.  It’s like getting a hug!  (Please note that this is not water safe, so no pools or lakes.  You could take it camping though!)


    SkyCurve Platform Swing      Ages 5 and Up   $149.00

    This swing supports up to four (400 lbs).  It’s slight curve makes it perfect for standing, sitting, or lying down.  Another great place to daydream and watch the clouds go by.



    Weighted Blanket   Ages 2 and Up  $140.70

    I can’t say enough about the calming power of a weighted blanket.  They are typically marketed to the special needs community but they work for everyone!  If your child has a hard time settling down for nap or , this is a great tool.



    Teeter Popper   Ages 3-8   $35.00

    This is a rocking and balancing toy that makes a satisfying popping sound, thanks to suction cups that pop in and out.  This toy is great fun and also s to promote strength and balance.  Comes in a variety of colors including pink, green and blue.



    Kinetic Sand Gift Set   Ages 3 Plus   $28.00

    Kinetic sand is so cool.  I have seen it captivate the most active of .  The weight and texture of the sand is fantastic and it does not feel messy or sticky.  This set comes with a tray and two colors of sand.  Perfect for rainy days.



    Squigz   Ages 3 to 15 years   $25.00

    Squigz are little suction cups that inspire lots of creativity.  They can be taken anywhere (airplanes, errands, car trips, bath) and they stay put (great for car seat play).  They are made from BPA -free, latex-free silicone rubber.   This is the starter set but there are bigger sets available.



    River Stones   Ages 3-15 years  $59.00

    River stones promote balance and coordination.  They can be used indoors and outdoors.  Each set contains six “stones” that can be set up in different patterns.  Each stone has varying degrees of steepness and difficulty, resulting in your child having to concentrate and focus.  Add a tunnel and you have a perfect obstacle course to tire out your active child.

    Happy Holidays!




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