Five Ways a Big Sibling Can Help With the Baby.

Let’s face it, having a new baby in the house is a big deal.  It’s a big deal to the in the house and its a REALLY big deal to the other .  Being a big sibling can also feel like a RAW deal, especially if the you’ve been an only child.  Even so, there is a new member of the and everyone can pitch in. Give your older child responsibility for this new member and reassure him that this baby will be a lifelong friend!

Ways to get an older sibling involved in the care of a newborn:

1. If older brother/sister is of age to enjoy a cape, secure one and make it the Super Sister/Super Brother cape.  Super Sister to the rescue!

2. Make a diaper caddy that is at a height where a sister/brother can retrieve a clean diaper for mom or dad.  How fast can you run to get the diaper?  Let me time you!  All time world record fastest time!

3. Implement daily snuggle/reading time where your older child gets to select all of his/her favorite to “share” with baby.  Offer to let him/her “read” to baby.

4. Buy a disposable camera so that big brother/sister can take pictures of the new baby (and other stuff).  Make a photo album of pictures along with captions that you write together.

5. Allow big sister/brother to select baby’s clothes for the day, no matter how wacky.

Above all, validate your older child’s .  There may be times when the “helper” idea doesn’t cut it and that’s ok.  A baby in the house is a huge change and it is completely normal for grumpy to surface ( from everyone).  Take a deep breath, give hugs and take a little extra time with your big kid.


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