Fine Motor Activities From Dollar Tree


    Fine Motor Activities From Dollar Tree

    Have you been told that your has weak fine motor skills?  There are many things you can do to practice them at home.  In fact, look no further than your neighborhood Dollar Tree.  Beloved by teachers everywhere, Dollar Tree is a treasure trove of art supplies, figurines, sorting materials and seasonal decorations.  On a recent visit, I had fine motor activities on my mind.  Here are some of the great things I found:

    Jumpin’ Frogs    Will Jumpin’ Frogs be the most durable and long lasting game in your house?  No,  its from Dollar Tree.  Still, making the frogs hop into the pool by pressing them with your fingers in good fun and great for fine motor .

    Clothes Pins  50 mini clothes pins for $1.00 is a great deal. You can paint them, put up your art with them, use them to pick things up, or any number of other activities that promote hand strength.


    Chenille Stems and Pony Beads   Formerly called “pipe cleaners”, chenille stems are perfect for threading pony beads.  They provide just the right amount of stability and are way less frustrating than a string.


    Stickers  Let you go to town with a few sheets of stickers and a piece of paper or cardboard (covering a shoebox is also fun).  Peeling the stickers off is wonderful practice for little fingers.


    Jumbo Tweezers  These are quite a find, as they are expensive in educational catalogs.  Use them to pick up pompoms and cotton balls or to sort objects into ice cube trays.

    Power Clips  These have a little more snap than the tweezers.  Still, they are great for picking things up or clipping to the top of  a stiff piece of paper or cardboard.  The ducks are especially cute, don’t you think?(envisioning a “5 Little Ducks” activity)

    Pinwheels  We can’t forget the finest of the fine motor skills – oral motor skills.  These pinwheels promote an oral motor skill that is hard for many kids – blowing.  They also spin when you run around with them, which is just as fun as blowing.


    Blowers and Horns  These might drive you crazy, but they are great for blowing practice.


    Bubble Set  Admittedly, Dollar Tree bubbles aren’t the finest quality.  The price is right, though.    Blowing bubbles is a perfect sensory activity and great for oral motor .


    There you have it.  For less than $15.00, you have a variety of fine motor activities at your fingertips.  Thank you, Dollar Tree!  Now, go home and strengthen your ’s fine motor skills.  With practice, your WILL improve.

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