A Fun Way To Teach Your Child About Germs

For young children, germs are sort of a mystery.  They’re there but you can’t see them.  They can make you sick, but how?  Moms and dads are always talking about them, but where are they?  They are the reason you can’t lay on the bathroom floor or eat that grape you just dropped, but why?Read more

A Social Story: Brushing Your Teeth

Social stories help prepare children for transitions and experiences.  You can modify this one, about brushing teeth, to fit the needs of your child.  Have fun with it!  Draw illustrations together or google images of children and adults brushing their teeth if you want to add a visual (animals brushing their teeth might be funRead more

Enabling self-help skills is worth the trouble.

“I do it MYSELF!” my two year old friend happily insisted as he struggled to put his coat on.  It was going to take forever.  Getting the coat on his body was the first step, then trying to thread the zipper (then the actual zipping).  Next came the snaps on the outside of the zipperRead more