Products to Help Picky Eaters

Remember when your toddler was a baby and you fed him spinach, avocado and tofu?  He loved them, right?  And you congratulated yourself for having such a “good eater”.  Fast forward a year or two and things have probably changed.  Your once good eater now has many opinions.  Things can’t touch on his plate.  PlainRead more

When Things Don’t Feel Right. Your Toddler and Sensory Processing

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is a disorder of the sensory systems.  Basically, things don’t feel right.  SPD can effect any or all of the sensory systems.  These include the systems that govern vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell, balance and motor function.  SPD can be a symptom of a larger disorder, such as autism, or itRead more

For Tricky Transitions, Try A Timer App

Do you have trouble getting out the door in the morning?  Are bedtimes hard?  Does your child have a hard time transitioning from activity to activity?  A timer can help!  Of course, you can always use an old fashioned kitchen timer, but timer apps for your phone might be the easier choice.  You usually haveRead more

My Toddler Won’t Eat at The Table

Dear Fledglingkids, My 3 year old refuses to eat at the table.  He is picky with food so mealtimes can be battle anyway.  Now he just runs away and refuses to sit with the rest of the family.  It has caused quite a few tantrums and now I dread family mealtimes.  He is perfectly happyRead more

Fledgling Approved Toy! Veggie Stacking Game by Hape

This is a really cool stacking game and it can be used in a variety of ways.  First, it is designed to be stacking game, ala Jenga, where you remove pieces form a tall tower one at the time until the tower falls.  For younger children, it can simply be a stacking game.  Both ofRead more

A Social Story: Sitting At The Table For A Meal

Social stories help prepare children for transitions and experiences.  You can modify this one, about eating a meal together, to fit the needs of your child.  Have fun with it!  Draw illustrations together or google images of children sitting at the table if you want to add a visual.  These stories work well with mostRead more

Mealtime Mayhem? Five Ideas to Help Your Toddler.

  Toddlers are capable of successful mealtime behavior and the earlier you start, the better. We all know that family dinners are important for many reasons.  Starting to eat together as a family early in your child’s life is a great way to get into the family meal routine.  But for many families, mealtime canRead more

Making Mealtimes Easier (and More Fun)

You want your children to develop healthy eating habits and have positive attitudes towards food. The following tips not only can help with that, but can help without spending any cash whatsoever.Read more