How Does Her Face Look? Teaching Your Child to Read Facial Expressions.

A social skill that we adults often take for granted is the ability to decipher how someone is feeling by reading his or her facial expressions.  We probably do this multiple times a day without giving it a second thought.   Interestingly, it is not a skill that most are born with.  It takes lotsRead more

Five Tips for Including Your Older Child In Your Pregnancy

Exciting news!  You’re expecting another baby.  Early on, you may not be ready to tell friends and family but should you tell your older child?  Sure you should!  You are a family and this is an important development.  But be ready for questions, because most “older-siblings-to-be” are full of them.  Here is a sample conversationRead more

Mean Joe Greene Biography And Pittsburgh Steelers

cheap nfl youth jerseys authentic Have usually hoped to behave with the basement within your home? It is more than likely 30 dollar nfl china jerseys paypal phone number that your basement belongs to wholesale mlb jerseys the area you retain old furniture and a lot of boxes. It will also help your entireRead more