Best Feelings Games For Children

If you’re reading this, you probably care quite a bit about your child’s ability to process feelings, demonstrate self-regulation and be a kind, empathetic person.  This is so important, right?  Probably more so than academic skills like reading and math ( in my humble opinion).  Social emotional skills will be the backbone of your child’sRead more

Beautiful Etsy Toys That Inspire Independent Play

Etsy is a virtual treasure chest of gorgeous toys.  Who needs the big box stores when you can buy from independent and creative people who actually design and handcraft these things, right?  But toys have to do more than look pretty. They have to be durable enough to withstand years of play and they need toRead more

The Ultimate Break-Time Timer

  Using four things, you can easily make a timer for your child’s break-time (calm down time, thinking time, time-out, whatever you like to call it).  Here are the steps: 1. Get a clear bottle.  I used the small Voss water bottles because they are plastic and I like the way they look.  Some folksRead more

Alone Play is OK!

Does your child know how to play alone?  Responses from parents can vary.  Some parents wish their children would play alone more.  Some worry about how much their children choose to play alone.  The answer lies somewhere in between and has more to do with the type of alone play, rather than the amount ofRead more

Enabling self-help skills is worth the trouble.

“I do it MYSELF!” my two year old friend happily insisted as he struggled to put his coat on.  It was going to take forever.  Getting the coat on his body was the first step, then trying to thread the zipper (then the actual zipping).  Next came the snaps on the outside of the zipperRead more