Eva From Princess Awesome Tells Us Why Girls Should Wear Clothes That Interest Them.

  “Why can’t I buy my daughter a twirly dress that has a dinosaur on it?”   Rebecca was shopping for her two-year-old, who only liked to wear dresses. She had just picked out pajamas – some from the girls’ section with flowers and rainbows, and some from the boys’ section with rockets and dinosaurs.Read more

Toy Review – I Never Forget A Face Memory Game by Eeboo

Multicultural toys and games are hard to find, so we were excited to check out the I Never Forget a Face Memory Game by Eeboo.  Eeboo is known for it’s beautifully illustrated games and this memory match game is no exception.  Each game comes with 24 pairs of different children’s faces for matching.  Each faceRead more

Why Babies Love to Look at Faces

True fact: babies are hardwired to look at and recognize faces.  Why? Because it helps them bond with parents and caregivers.Read more