Eva From Princess Awesome Tells Us Why Girls Should Wear Clothes That Interest Them.

  “Why can’t I buy my daughter a twirly dress that has a dinosaur on it?”   Rebecca was shopping for her two-year-old, who only liked to wear dresses. She had just picked out pajamas – some from the girls’ section with flowers and rainbows, and some from the boys’ section with rockets and dinosaurs.Read more

How to Raise Your Girl To Be a Leader in the Modern World

It should come as no surprise that the concept of womanhood is constantly evolving. In a world where gender roles are as hot a topic as cinnamon rolls, parents beg the question…   How do you raise your little girl to be a feminist?   In doing research for this article, I came across manyRead more

Why Parents Should Care About Gender Stereotyping

Gender sterotyping is a hot topic these days.  Simply put, it is a society’s overgeneralization of the characteristics and differences based on a person’s gender. Women are better at housework, cooking and taking care of children. Men are stronger and better at yard work and repairing things. Men are career oriented and make more moneyRead more