Holiday Gifts That Will Help Your Child Calm Down

  Most young children could be described as “active” but if your child is “REALLY active“, how do you help him calm down?  Parents often struggle to find toys and activities to that don’t rev kids up even more, especially at certain times of the day.  Everyone needs to relax, right? Check out these toysRead more

Great Holiday Gifts That Target Fine Motor Skills

  Fine Motor Skills.  So easy for some and so hard for others.  Does your child crawl under the table when his preschool teacher asks him to use scissors or a pencil?  Is his pincer grasp getting him down? Never fear!  Each of these toys and games were chosen because they have the wonderful abilityRead more

Little Bird Plays

We are pleased to offer innovative in-home enrichment opportunities to infants, toddlers and preschoolers in the Charlottesville, Virginia area.  For more information, please visit Little Bird Plays or contact Paige Lindblom at [email protected]Read more

Fledgling Kids 2.0 is Now Live!

Fledgling Kids 2.0 is officially live!  We heard that our customers and supporters wanted to see expand beyond the confines of an online toy store.  So with the support of the University of Virginia Ilab Incubator, we started work on 2.0 at the beginning of June.  Now in January the site is live, andRead more