Eva From Princess Awesome Tells Us Why Girls Should Wear Clothes That Interest Them.

  “Why can’t I buy my daughter a twirly dress that has a dinosaur on it?”   Rebecca was shopping for her two-year-old, who only liked to wear dresses. She had just picked out pajamas – some from the girls’ section with flowers and rainbows, and some from the boys’ section with rockets and dinosaurs.Read more

Does Your Child Have Trouble Letting Things Go?

Can your child bounce back after something disappointing or upsetting happens?  Is he able to solve problems rationally?  Does he know the difference between a “big deal” and a “little deal”?  Lots of kids struggle with letting things go after a set-back.  Everything seems like a big deal, which can be overwhelming. Kids are stillRead more

Why Watching the Sad Part of the Movie is OK

Disney movies are a hallmark of childhood.  I loved them and my boys did too.  But I always wondered why Disney chooses to kill off parents in seemingly every single movie. Bambi (mother shot), The Fox and the Hound (mother shot), Jungle Book (mother killed by tiger), Tarzan (mother killed by leopard), The Hunchback ofRead more

Fun Social Emotional Videos (Volume Two)

So many great videos on feelings!  This is the Sesame Street edition…  Read more

LOL! The Power of Laughter

As a parent, you want your child to be happy. You want your child to be healthy. But how often do you want your child to be funny? Research shows time and time again that laughter is a strong indicator of cheerfulness, social competence and high emotional intelligence. Humor has also been linked to highRead more

Teach Your Child This Simple Concept to Reduce Anxiety and Drama

  Katie loved the animal rug at preschool.  Katie especially loved the picture of the rooster.  Every morning, Katie would race to the rug to stand on the rooster, until the morning that Evan got there first.  (Cue dramatic music).  This was NOT OK with Katie and she fell to the floor in anguish, screamingRead more

Letting Your Child Fail

Children (and adults) love to be successful. However, they often have trouble understanding that the keys to success are dedication and determination, not fixed skill or ability. Failure is not often held in high regard – especially when it comes to parenting. Parents strive each day to seek a successful future for their child andRead more

How Can We Solve the Problem?

Next time your child is in the throes of frustration, remember this simple prompt: What can we do to solve the problem? Most problems can be sorted in to big deals or little deals.  A big deal might be a friend who is unkind during a playdate.  A little deal might be a spill orRead more

Your Child Can Do Hard Things.

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh Perseverance.  We all want to see our children conquer an obstacle, clear a hurdle, and stick to it, even if it’s hard.Read more