Going Poop in the Potty. A Social Story

Social stories help prepare children for transitions and experiences.  You can modify this one, about pooping in the potty, to fit the needs of your child.  Have fun with it!  Draw illustrations together for the story or role play going to the potty.  These stories work well with most children and we recommend reading thisRead more

When It Comes to Potty Training, Your Child Wants The Facts.

Potty training can come with its fair share of challenges.  If you are among the 1% of parents whose child potty trained effortlessly, good for you.  For the rest of us, potty training entails a hodgepodge of  treats, bribes, triumphs, and frustrations.  For many children, the “value add” just isn’t there.  Why would they useRead more

Going Poopy In The Potty. What’s The Big Deal?

Potty training.  Your child has almost mastered it and you’re feeling good.  There is one hitch – Your child is still asking for a diaper to go poopy.  Why?  Well, its not really simple… but it is VERY common.  Going poopy in the potty is just a bigger deal to kids.  Let’s look at someRead more