Why Watching the Sad Part of the Movie is OK

Disney movies are a hallmark of childhood.  I loved them and my boys did too.  But I always wondered why Disney chooses to kill off parents in seemingly every single movie. Bambi (mother shot), The Fox and the Hound (mother shot), Jungle Book (mother killed by tiger), Tarzan (mother killed by leopard), The Hunchback ofRead more

Toy Review – I Never Forget A Face Memory Game by Eeboo

Multicultural toys and games are hard to find, so we were excited to check out the I Never Forget a Face Memory Game by Eeboo.  Eeboo is known for it’s beautifully illustrated games and this memory match game is no exception.  Each game comes with 24 pairs of different children’s faces for matching.  Each faceRead more

The Best Enrichment is Nature.

My daughter is only three, but already there are a bewildering number of programs available to “enrich” her childhood.  There are preschool classes in yoga, music, art, martial arts, and science (to name a few).  They are all wonderful and needed, no doubt.  But, I have decided that all these choices can detract from theRead more

Jack Has Two Moms! Explaining Different Families To Your Child.

Gone are the days of the typical American household with a dad, a mom, and 2.5 kids.  In this day and age, families are more diverse.  For instance, kids with same sex parents are very common.  My own boys have known quite a few friends with two moms or dads and it is really noRead more

The Perfect Gift From a Five Year Old

My five year old niece presented us with some very kind gifts at a recent family reunion.  She had worked so hard to make one for all ten of us.  The coolest thing about them was that they were personalized and even though she lives far away, she remembered what we looked like.  This wouldRead more