Beautiful Etsy Toys That Inspire Independent Play


    Beautiful Etsy Toys That Inspire Independent Play

    Etsy is a virtual treasure chest of gorgeous toys.  Who needs the big box stores when you can buy from independent and creative people who actually design and handcraft these things, right?  But toys have to do more than look pretty. They have to be durable enough to withstand years of and they need to have a purpose.  Each of these beautiful toys will inspire your to independently, which is great for your and great for you.

    BabiesBoobiesBeads (sorry, hilarious name) sells this amazing Color Matching Rainbow Stars Game ($24.99)

    il_570xN.874204062_28vt   il_570xN.874204054_jl1f

    Applenamos sells this fun Montessori inspired Scooping and Grabbing Set ($28.00)

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    NaturaBaby offers another beautiful Montessori inspired Sweeping Tray ($22.00)

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    Mastering Montessori sells this kid-approved Dropper Set ($15.00 and great for fine motor skills)

    il_570xN.842589777_3ke2      il_570xN.842589781_3spb

    Happy ing!  Let Them Fly!


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