LOL! The Power of Laughter

As a parent, you want your child to be happy. You want your child to be healthy. But how often do you want your child to be funny? Research shows time and time again that laughter is a strong indicator of cheerfulness, social competence and high emotional intelligence. Humor has also been linked to highRead more

How to Raise Your Girl To Be a Leader in the Modern World

It should come as no surprise that the concept of womanhood is constantly evolving. In a world where gender roles are as hot a topic as cinnamon rolls, parents beg the question…   How do you raise your little girl to be a feminist?   In doing research for this article, I came across manyRead more

Letting Your Child Fail

Children (and adults) love to be successful. However, they often have trouble understanding that the keys to success are dedication and determination, not fixed skill or ability. Failure is not often held in high regard – especially when it comes to parenting. Parents strive each day to seek a successful future for their child andRead more

Mean Joe Greene Biography And Pittsburgh Steelers

cheap nfl youth jerseys authentic Have usually hoped to behave with the basement within your home? It is more than likely 30 dollar nfl china jerseys paypal phone number that your basement belongs to wholesale mlb jerseys the area you retain old furniture and a lot of boxes. It will also help your entireRead more