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Studies have found that the social and emotional support that we give our during the first three to five years of life drastically impacts their future success – in academics, work, and in relationships.  It is important stuff, but not always easy for and caregivers.

Fledglingkids.com is here to help. We offer encouragement and support on a comprehensive list of topics, as well as recommendations for the best books and products to support your child’s health. 

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All advice and encouragement given on fledglingkids.com is meant to be helpful to you and your child. However, it is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to provide, suggest or imply medical advice of any kind.  If you are concerned about your child’s social-emotional and/or mental health, please consult a medical professional, such as your child’s pediatrician, or a mental health professional specializing in pediatrics.

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Fledgling Kids has a standard purchase affiliation with Amazon.com to ensure the lowest price and fastest shipping times possible for the products we recommend. Though it may seem like you are ordering directly through Fledgling Kids; you are actually ordering through Amazon.com. Please direct all order concerns such as shipping issues, returns or broken items through Amazon.com as they will be the distributor. Fledgling Kids is not affiliated with Amazon.com beyond the standard purchase affiliation.

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Have you had parenting successes that you would like to share?  Do you love Pinterest ideas and hacks that make parenting easier?  Join our team!  We welcome your writing submissions.  For more information, contact us below.

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