A Social Story: Having a Babysitter

Social stories for transitions and experiences.  You can modify this one, about a having a babysitter, to fit the needs of your child.  Have fun with it!  Draw illustrations together or google images of ing with a babysitter if you want to add a visual.  These stories work well with most and we recommend reading this one multiple times if leaving your child with a babysitter is a struggle!


Tonight, Mommy and Daddy are going to a party.

The party is for grown ups, so I cannot go.

I will stay at home with Ms. Kaitlin.

Ms. Kaitlin is a babysitter.  She will take care of me while Mommy and Daddy are gone.

Ms. Kaitlin knows all the things that I like.  She knows about my snacks and she knows what books I like to read.  Ms. Kaitlin will be fun to with.

Ms. Kaitlin will put me to bed.  I will brush my and read a book, just like with Mommy and Daddy.

When I wake up in the morning, Mommy and Daddy will be home.

Having a babysitter is fun!



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