A Social Story: Overcoming A Fear Of Spiders


Social stories for transitions and experiences.  You can modify this one, about being of a spider, to fit the needs of your child.  Have fun with it!  Draw illustrations together or google images of spiders if you want to add a visual (happy, cartoon spiders might be best but real spiders are good too).  These stories work well with most and we recommend reading this one (or one like it) multiple times if are a struggle!


Today I saw a spider in the yard and I felt very !

Mommy could tell I was because I screamed and ran to her.

I needed Mommy to because spiders scare me so much!


Spiders don’t have to be .

Spiders are tiny.  They are probably more cared of me that  I am of them.

Most spiders don’t bite to hurt people.

Mommy and I can learn more about spiders.  That will make me feel less .

We can get some about spiders from the library.

We can find some spiders in the yard.

We can see that they wont hurt us.

It is ok that I am of spiders but I can also learn more about them.

The more I know about spiders, the less I will be!



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